Phillip Schofield

“Around 2000 young drivers are killed or injured every month on UK roads. As a TV presenter, you research, script, rehearse and plan, in short, you leave nothing to chance. It should be the same when learning to drive, better planning and education for young drivers will save lives, and better information for parents is key to keeping our children safe. That’s why I am supporting RoadSafe for Parents”

Gethin Jones

“My work on ‘Police Camera Action’ opened my eyes to the potential dangers of poor driving and the totally devastating consequences to the lives of those involved in, or affected, by crashes.  A car is a loaded weapon and proper respect needs to be given to it.  When young people first take to the road, they are especially vulnerable and it’s essential at this time that they receive thorough preparation and training.   If you are a parent or guardian of a young driver please take 10 minutes to read through the RoadSafe website and the parent guide, it really could make all the difference.”

Natalie Pinkham

“The RoadSafe for Parents campaign is pushing for driving to be taught as part of the school curriculum and create an audited trail that insurance companies can analyse and in turn reward the young driver for their dedication – just like GCSE coursework.  Most young people feel pretty invincible when they start to drive, yet the reality is thousands of families and their friends are devastated every month by news that someone they know has been hurt or killed in a car crash.  Drive iQ is a great way for young people to learn the theory of driving – it’s totally interactive, state of the art and 100% free. Get yours now at Better education could save your life. I wholeheartedly support this campaign, it’s a great initiative.”

Gabby Logan

“One in five novice drivers crash within the first 6 months of driving. In 2009, more than 45,000 young drivers were involved in accidents reported to police, 25,008 were casualties, and of those 564 died. More needs to be done, and thanks to the RoadSafe for Parents campaign, there is now more information for parents, free software for learners that addresses their attitude and behaviour and how it will affect their driving, plus lots of advice on how to do more to keep young drivers safe.”

Fearne Cotton

“There is nothing like driving with a huge tune belting out of the stereo, but adding this type of distraction when you’re a newly qualified driver has its risks. Over 180 people die on the UK roads every month and over 30% of them are young drivers.  It’s so important to learn to drive properly and the RoadSafe for Parents campaign is pushing for young drivers to be taught as part of the school curriculum.  Better planning and education for young drivers will definitely save lives.”

Ben Collins

“Learning to handle any sort of car takes plenty of time and practice. The key is to always operate within your personal limits. Driving always carries an element of risk, even for drivers who know what they are doing, although the consequences of ignorance are far greater. You don’t have to wait until you are 17 to start gaining experience. Check out Drive iQ, start the journey early and enjoy the ride ” Ben Collins supports RoadSafe for Parents.