Does your child have proper insurance in place?

Without it, they risk losing their wheels and license. Stay Insured has advice on getting the right cover.

If they are insured, it is important to check that the vehicle details are recorded on the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

You can check with askMID for FREE by simply entering the vehicle registration number. If the correct details do not appear on the MID get in touch with your insurance provider immediately so they can update their records.

The police check the MID 2,500 times an hour and can seize an uninsured vehicle at the roadside. Stay Insured. Stay Legal.

Directgov has more advice on owning a vehicle.


ingenie is a car insurance brand for young drivers aged 17 to 25. After fitting a black box out of sight behind the dashboard, ingenie collects data on how well the car is being driven. Key areas of driving are assessed including speed, cornering, braking and acceleration.

ingenie gives you feedback on your driving, available via a mobile app and online, to help you improve your driving. Your policy is reviewed every three months and the price could be adjusted depending on how well you drive – if you drive well, you could pay less. Find out more about how ingenie works.