In a nutshell…

Together we can make common sense become common practice.

  • If you drive badly so will your kids.
  • You need a good curriculum to learn anything properly.
  • Great teachers inspire great students.
  • Did you know you can lose your home by being uninsured?
  • Good driver, bad car – that doesn’t make sense.
  • The road belongs to us all!
  • Things have changed a little over the last 30 years!

This campaign is aimed at making our young drivers better drivers. We want to make sure that nobody takes to the road without all the help and tools they need to be safe, not just for themselves and their friends but for other road users too.

This is also a chance for parents to see how things may have changed and what they can do to help. The campaign contains information, downloads and access to e-learning free of charge as well as key advice from industry professionals.

Better knowledge will save lives.